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 Features Watch the Iowans tackle the 2700+ miles Tour Divide 14926/9/2018Cyclocross, Gravel, Mountain Bike, Race, Road, Road (Competitive), TouringBike Packing, Dirt, Epic, Tour Divide, World of Bikes  ...X
 News 2018 Trans Iowa Gravel Race: The 14th and Final Edition? – Photos 2845/4/2018Gravel, RaceEpic, Europa Cycle and Ski, Gravel, Gravel Grinder, State-wide Grinnell...X
 Events Lake Macbride Fat Tire Classic 21142/2/2018Culture, Gravel, Mountain Bike, Party, Race, Recreation, TrailsAdventure Racing, Big Grove Brewery, Bike Rags, Epic, Fat Bike, Fat Tire, Fundraiser, Gravel, Iowa, Iowa Coalition of Off Road Riders (ICORR), Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Recreation, Sugar Bottom Bikes, WinterSolon to Lake MacBrideCedar Rapids, Iowa City, North Liberty, Solon...X
 Events Trans Iowa V14 192912/29/2017Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, RaceEpic, Europa Cycle and Ski, Gravel, Gravel Grinder, Trans-Iowa Grinnell...X
 Events Trans Iowa V13 41193/20/2017Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, RaceEpic, Europa Cycle and Ski, Gravel, Gravel Grinder, Lederman Bail Bonds, Oakley, Trans-Iowa Grinnell...X
 News Bike across Iowa? Sure. But in ONE day! 157710/14/2016Race, RoadEndurance, Epic, Iowa  ...X
 News Clear Lake native breaks American Hour cycling record 9699/21/2016Other, RaceEpic, Velodrome  ...X
 News Notes @ Noon: Runner-turned-cyclist rides record-setting trend 14847/21/2016Road, Road (Competitive)Endurance, Epic  ...X
 News 72-year-old Iowa bicyclist: 18,200 miles across America, 4,000 to go 8437/7/2016Recreation, Road, TouringAdventure, Bicycle Tourism, Epic, Touring  ...X
 News Urbandale’s Sarah Cooper Discusses Placing First in ‘Race Across the West’ 16897/3/2016Race, Road (Competitive)Endurance, Epic, Road Race, Sarah Cooper  ...X
 News Okoboji 200 tackles sex trafficking prevention 13826/23/2016Charity, RoadDouble Century, Endurance, Epic Okoboji...X
 News Iowa City man retracing Lewis and Clark's route 11336/22/2016Charity, Other, TouringEpic, Lewis and Clark, Touring Cedar Rapids, Iowa City...X
 News Trans Iowa Results Posted 27824/29/2016Culture, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Race, Road, Team/Club, Tourism, Training/FitnessEpic, Gravel, Trans-Iowa Deep River, Grinnell, State Center...X
 Features Sarah Cooper finishes Bike Sebring - sets record 38882/15/2016Road (Competitive)24 hour, Epic, Sarah Cooper  ...X
 News Steve Fuller Posse T-shirts available 88606/12/2015Culture, Mountain Bike, Race, Recreation, Team/Club, Touring, Training/FitnessApparel, Beaverdale Bicycles, Epic, Gravel, Tour Divide, Tshirt Graphix  ...X
 News Steve Fuller - Tour Divide Interview 24826/4/2015Culture, Mountain Bike, Race, Touring, Trails, Training/FitnessEpic, Gravel, Tour Divide  ...X
 Events Spring Bike Bash - 10th Annual 15855/23/2015PartyEpicSauk Rail TrailLake View...X
 News Urbandale Woman Breaks Record in 500-Mile Bike Race 24644/10/2015Race, Road, Road (Competitive)Century, Double Century, Epic Urbandale...X
 Features Route Planning 101: To the Gravels and Beyond! 471012/12/2014Commuting, Culture, Cyclocross, Education, Mountain Bike, Race, Recreation, Road, Touring, Training/FitnessEpic, Gravel, Gravel Grinder, Maps, Trans-Iowa Des Moines, Iowa City...X
 Events Trans Iowa V11 1028512/1/2014Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, RaceBikes To You, Epic, Europa Cycle and Ski, Gravel, Gravel Grinder, Lederman Bail Bonds, Oakley, Trans-Iowa Grinnell...X
 Features Iowa Gravel - What makes it so special? 1089911/30/2014Culture, Cyclocross, Destination, Education, Mountain Bike, Race, Recreation, Road, Road (Competitive), Touring, Tourism, Training/FitnessAdventure, Epic, Gravel, Gravel Grinder, State-wide, Staycation, Trans-Iowa  ...X
 News Trans Iowa V11 Registration opens 1724310/28/2014Culture, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Race, Road (Competitive), Training/FitnessBikes To You, Epic, Gravel, State-wide, Trans-Iowa Grinnell...X
 Events BRASL Trails Festival 120276/5/2014Culture, Cyclocross, Destination, Mountain Bike, Other, Race, Recreation, Road, Road (Competitive), Touring, Tourism, Trails, Training/FitnessAdvanced, Adventure, Adventure Racing, Beginner, Best Of, Bicycle Culture, Bicycle Fitting, Bicycle Friendly, Bicycle Safety, Bicycle Tourism, Bicycles, Bicyclists of Iowa City, Bike Lanes and Routes, Bike People, Bikes To You, Blue Zone, Cafe, Camping, Children, Endurance, Epic, Facebook, Family Ride, Google, Health and Fitness, Healthy Habits, Helmet, Human Power, Intermediate, Iowa, Iowa By Trail, Iowa Tourism, iPhone, Maps, Motivation, Parade, Park, Rails to Trails, Recreation, Registration, Road Race, Route, Touring, Trail Festivities, Trail Food, Training, Ultra Cycling, Vacation, YMCAIowa Great Lakes Trail, Jackson County Recreation TrailArnolds Park, Lake Park, Milford, Okoboji, Orleans, Spirit Lake, Superior, Terril, Wahpeton, West Okoboji...X
 News RAGBRAI a breeze for RAID bicyclists who speed across Iowa in a day 454910/7/2013Culture, RoadEpic, RAGBRAI Council Bluffs, Muscatine...X
 Events RAAM Minnesota Challenge Series 37527/3/2013Race, Road, Road (Competitive)24 hour, Bike People, Century, Endurance, Epic, Facebook, Hawkeye Bicycle Association, Illinois, Iowa, Iowa Bicycle Coalition (IBC), Iowa Bicycle Racing Association (IBRA), Iowa City Cycling Club (ICCC), Iowa Valley Bicycle Club, Night Race, Night Riding, North Iowa Spin, North Iowa Touring Club, North Iowa Touring Club (NITC), Pro Cycling, Quad Cities, Quad-Cities Bicycle Club (QCBC), RAAM, Race Across America (RAAM), rural Iowa, SAG, Siouxland Cyclist, Social Networking, State-wide, Team BIKEIOWA, Ultra Cycling, Wisconsin  ...X
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