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Thu December 18 2014
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S3 Winter Series

The Snowdown Showdown Series is a unique winter race series taking place in January and February.   read more

How a simple bike trail is revitalizing a town in Iowa

  read more

Route Planning 101: To the Gravels and Beyond!

Andrea Cohen - tackling the world one mile at a time   read more

NubNub joins as BIKEIOWA sponsor

OH NO! On a long ride and left your bottle opener in your other tight shorts? Fret not! Get a Pub-Nub — a bottle opener that attaches easily to your handlebar.   read more

Iowa Gravel - What makes it so special?

Gravel roads make up 60% of Iowa's public road system and connect almost every single community across Iowa's 99 counties. And YOU can ride them all!   read more

History of Barr Bike & Fitness

Barr Bike & Fitness has been in Des Moines for 123 years and has ties back to 1891 when the business not only worked on bicycles, but restrung tennis racquets too!   read more

2014 Jingle Cross Rock

Mark your calendar for the BIGGEST winter cycling festival in the Midwest! UCI Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock. Nov 14th, 15th &-16th in Iowa City - 3 days of Cyclocross racing and spectating!   read more

Who doesn't love a good zip hoodie?!

Pre Sale on this comfortable full zip hoodie printed with reflective ink!   read more

45 trail projects that did not get funded

The Iowa Transportation Commission approved $5,514,307 for 12 State Recreational Trails Program projects on Tuesday October 14th 2014. These are the projects that did not get funded.   read more

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