• Fri October 14 2022
  • Posted Oct 14, 2022

The Des Moines Planning & Zoning Commission voted to recommend rezoning of the 42 acres that will become Copper Creek Mountain Bike Park. This rezoning will be on the Des Moines City Council agenda on October 24.

We need YOU to show your support of this new Copper Creek Mountain Bike Park.

Important TO-DO!
  1. Read up on the Copper Creek Park details (see below for all the links)
  2. Email the Des Moines City Council (use the link below)
  3. Attend the Council Meeting on Oct 24th - just being there shows our support
Help us gauge expected attendance via CITA's Facebook event.


Information provided by Iowa Bicycle Coalition:


You may have heard Axios reported that plans to rezone the Cooper Creek Mountain Bike Park are being challenged. Neighbors are painting mountain bikers as loud and destructive -- all the behaviors that just aren't true.

Friends, you are one of the people that came to mind who could contact the Des Moines City Council to respectfully let them know how Cooper Creek Mountain Bike Park will be an asset to the community.


We've worked with CITA to develop a form to email all of the city council members at once. Just click and follow the instructions.


The Copper Creek Mountain Bike Park that is planned near 1601 Williams Street in Des Moines is on the agenda Des Moines City Council meeting on Monday, October 24, 2022, at 5:00 PM.

CITA is asking for your show of support for this project by attending and speaking at the City Council Meeting

The public is allowed to speak for or against this project. Each member of the public is allowed 5 minutes to speak. Let's show the City of Des Moines that more mountain bike trails are important for our community!

Now is the time to have your voice heard by city leaders!

To speak at the meeting - The Mayor will ask for publiccomments on the agenda item before the vote but they are firstcomefirst serve. You basically queue up in a line and get a limited time to speak. The Mayor will likely limit the number of speakers at the meetingso there is a chance that we will not all get to speak.

Start Time: Regularly scheduled City Council meetings occur at 5:00 PM, with proclamations starting at 4:45 PM.

Location:City Hall, Council Chambers, 400 Robert D. Ray Drive, 2nd Floor, Des Moines, IA 50309

More information about the project can be found in the city's informational packet or on CITA's website.


Our partners at CITA have worked hard on this project and we need to have as many people as possible contact the council or attend the meeting.


  • We would like to see some kids show their support by just showing up or speaking if they want.
  • Des Moines Families, who can share their positive MTB experiences.
  • Des Moines business owners explaining the economic impact of more biking opportunities.
  • Anyone that just wants to show their support of CITA, City of Des Moines & Polk county and how their projects/trails have positively impacted your life.

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