• Sat November 13 2021
  • Posted Nov 13, 2021
Hello! I'm Barb Becker,the brewer at 515 Brewing Company, andI still play "Pharaoh," an Egyptian-themed city builder PC game originally released in 1999.

The Deal

Here’s the deal: I spend as much of my free time as I possibly can atop two wheels.

I first fell in love with cycling in 2016, and with winter cycling the very next year.

When I say love, I really mean it: I’m the type of cyclist who rides thousands of miles on gravel, trails and, yes, snow. And I've noticed too many folks think the cooler weather and shorter days of autumn mean the end of cycling season. That’s sooooooo not the case!

Biking in the winter is full of joys: less traffic on the trails, more views of Iowa’s beautiful nature and oodles ofopportunities to connect with people who really love bicycling—maybe a few will even stop pedaling for a round of beer.

Afraid of the cold? I’m here to tell ya all you need for a good time is some warm gear and an adventurous attitude.

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