• Carl Voss
  • Tue May 07 2019
  • Posted May 7, 2019

The 10th Annual Greater Des Moines Regional Trails Map, published by the Des Moines Street Collective, Is now in circulation. You’ll find copies at UnityPoint clinics around the metro area, most bikes shops, and at several community parks and recreation departments.

Yes, 10 years and more than 400,000-plus printed copies. Thanks so much to UnityPoint, which places top value in promoting outdoor activities and our terrific trails network—all leading to healthy outcomes.

This year, it’s great to see another Chris Maharry photo on the map “cover.” Chris has shot at least four previous cover images for this annual project, a contribution that hardly makes a dent in all Chris does for the Des Moines bike community. In fact, it’s fairly routine to spot Chris with a camera at a bike event.

For me, it’s next to impossible to imagine the Des Moines bicycle community without Chris. Where would we be if Chris rained his passion on some other outdoor activity—like golf, for example? Yikes, I don’t want to even think about it.

Scott Sumpter squeezes Chris into just seven words: “Crisp. Dapper. Spruce. Trim. Elegant. Dashing. Chic. Seven words so fitting for such a magnificent, talented gentleman and friend. Chris captures life through his camera lenses—all the moments in time. The smiles, the celebrations, and milestones.

“Ya know, life.”

In addition to being extremely generous with his time and photo talents to promote cycling, Chris does so with that warm Maharry smile and innate humbleness.

Gosh darn (Maharry speak), Chris, we’re glad to have you onboard!





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