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 Features LOSST (Local Option Sales & Service Tax) vote is Tuesday, March 5th, in West Des Moines 8523/4/2019Advocacy, Education, TrailsBike World, Tax Benefits West Des Moines...X
 News Sometimes Good Enough isn’t Good Enough 325811/1/2017Recreation, Tourism, TrailsTax BenefitsAmerican Discovery Trail, T-Bone TrailAtlantic...X
 News Dallas County Residents Face Sales Tax Vote 425511/1/2017CultureTax Benefits50th Street Trail, 68th Street Trail, 81st Street Trail, American Discovery Trail, Ashawa Greenbelt Trail, Ashawa Park Trail, Ashworth Road Trail, Brookview Greenbelt Trail, Brookview School Park Trail, Civic Campus Trail, Clive Greenbelt Trail, Connector Trail, Crossroads/Knolls Greenbelt Trail, EP True Parkway Trail, Fairmeadows Park Trail, High Trestle Trail, Holiday Park Trail, Jordan Creek Greenway Trail, Jordan Creek Mall Trail, Jordan Creek Parkway Trail, Jordan Creek Trail, Knolls Park Trail, Lake Drive Trail, Mills Civic Parkway Trail, Office Plaza Drive Trail, Peony Park Trail, Raccoon River Valley Trail, Railroad Avenue Trail, South 19th Street Trail, South 35th Street Trail, Southwoods Park Trail, Stagecoach Drive Trail, Valley View Park Trail, Vista Drive Trail, Westown Parkway TrailAdel, Booneville, Bouton, Dallas Center, Dawson, De Soto, Dexter, Granger, Linden, Minburn, Ortonville, Perry, Redfield, Van Meter, Waukee, West Des Moines, Woodward...X
 News Cyclists pay nothing to share our streets 25195/28/2015Culture, RoadBike Lanes and Routes, State-wide, Tax Benefits  ...X
 News Top Commuter Bike Resources and Reviews 41201/31/2010CommutingHow To, Tax Benefits  ...X
 Features The Commuter Tax Benefit 70393/23/2009Advocacy, Commuting, CultureBicycle Parking, Green, Tax Benefits Ames...X
 News Start Documenting Bicycle Expenses? 311112/18/2008Advocacy, CommutingTax Benefits  ...X
 News Tax trimming tip worth repeating: Bike to work 295912/9/2008Advocacy, CommutingBike to Work, Tax Benefits  ...X
 News Get Money for Riding Your Bike to Work! 511510/27/2008Advocacy, CommutingBIKEIOWA, Green, Tax Benefits  ...X
 News Bicycle Commuter Act Passes House and Senate 318010/3/2008Advocacy, CommutingTax Benefits Independence...X
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