• Posted May 30

The 2024 RAGBRAI Route Inspection Team leaves Mount Pleasant on their way to Burlington on Day 7 of the RAGBRAI LI route.

Day 7, Saturday, July 27, Mount Pleasant to Burlington

  • Miles: 46.5.
  • Feet of climb: 1,016.
  • Themes: Tire Dip.
  • Pass-through towns: Mediapolis and Kingston.
  • Meeting town: No meeting town.
  • Gravel option: 14.5 miles, 295 feet of climb.
  • Highlights: On the way to the Mississippi River in Burlington, the Day 7 ride will pass through Mediapolis and Kingston in southeastern Iowa, which were both on the RAGBRAI route only once before, in 2000. Traditionally on the final day, riders are in a hurry to get to the ending town and the Mississippi River for the final tire dip, so there will be no meeting town, Phippen said. But once in Burlington, some will surely want to take the opportunity to ride the legendary Snake Alley, a quaint, cobblestoned lane that switchbacks its way up a steep incline, similar to San Francisco's renowned Lombard Street.
    Source - Stats from Philip Joens - Des Moines Register Reporter and 18 time RAGBRAI veteran.


    What does the Route Inspection Team do?
    • We ride the route on the same time and day of the week that RAGBRAI will ride in July.
    • We identify any unsafe traffic patterns like a factory shift ending as we are rolling by, etc..
    • We look for any road hazards or conditions that may need improvements before the event. That data is shared with the county engineers.
    • We visit with all the towns and give them an idea of when they can expect riders in their towns when RAGBRAI comes through.
    • We answer any questions the town committees and their business owners may have.
    • We share the experience with registrants.
    • We showcase the beautiful route and everything these communities have to offer.





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