• Posted Mar 6, 2023

It’s called RAGBRAI Fashion, look it up! That’s right, today’s episode is a ParrotTalk and has three fun-filled articles from The Des Moines Register on what the trendy RAGBRAI rider likes to wear. From boxers to bike shorts and everything in between this episode has it all!

The Des Moines Register articles used for this episode:
RAGBRAI Dress and Other Short Subjects, Dave Brown, July 30, 1980
RAGBRAIers, Iowans: A Love Story to Tell Again, John Karras and Chuck Offenburger, July 26, 1985
Fashion Trend: Stylish Comfort, Sarah Baker, July 25, 2000

Registration for RAGBRAI L is open!! If you would like to bicycle across Iowa the last week of July, you can secure your spot by registering online at…ragbrai-l.
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