What you need to know about RAGBRAI and it’s impact on the local economy

Sioux City is preparing to be the start city for Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) in July.

Organizers in Sioux City hosted local business owners and managers at a business meeting on Friday morning.

This event will greatly boost the local economy with visitors, riders, and support teams from all over the world with an estimated 25,000-plus people.

“It’s important for everyone, and especially businesses, to know our community will see a massive influx of people on or before July 21 through the morning of July 23,” said Sioux City RAGBRAI Chair Matt Salvatore. “It’s always a big deal to host RAGBRAI, but this year is even bigger because it’s a major milestone anniversary. We want to help businesses, especially those located downtown and along the exit route, be prepared.”






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