With restrictions on many businesses and cold temperatures outside, it can be hard to get together with friends this winter.

Every other Saturday, one northern Iowa community welcomes a group of outdoor enthusiasts who have found a way to keep going with few changes to their routine.

They are just a group of guys from the top of Iowa who fat tire bike around Mitchell County.

"I don't think we're special. I think you'd find this anywhere," said fat tire bike rider Rich Richardson.

"I love being outdoors but yet I was looking for a different thing to do outdoors," said Osage resident Adam Nieman.

Fat tire biking is not just a temporary trend.

"When I bought my first fat bike, I was told by people that it would be a fad and I wouldn't be able to find parts in five years," Richardson said. "They were wrong."

The group grew over the past few years, but numbers have been slimmer with COVID concerns. Even so, the friends enjoy getting together in some way.

"Riding together makes us all better riders, seeing everyone's riding style," Richardson said. "Some people are hardcore. A lot of guys like to race. We don't."

They do also support local business, meeting every other week at Limestone Brewers.





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