• Matt Kelley
  • Tue March 24 2020
  • Posted Apr 6, 2020

Some Iowans are hesitant to leave their houses and apartments for fear they’ll be exposed to coronavirus, but cooped-up couch potatoes are encouraged to get outside and get some exercise.

Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, says taking in some sunshine and being out in the fresh air is exactly what many of us are needing. “This virus is spread from person to person so if you’re within the social distancing parameters, being outside is not a problem,” Wyatt says. “You can go outside and exercise and walk and ride your bike and still be very safe from the transmission or receiving the virus.”

While several states and metro areas elsewhere have issued “shelter in place” orders, Iowans are under no such edict. Wyatt says Iowa has hundreds of miles of bike trails, carving through metro areas and veering into the wide countryside. Spring is here and things are starting to turn green, he says, so get out and enjoy the outdoors.






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