DES MOINES, Iowa —Unseasonably warm weather means Iowans will be out in droves this weekend, many of them making use of central Iowa’s vast network of trails.

Leftover snow is melting snow and has already made a mess, creating muddy and slick spots. Des Moines parks and recreation officials said they expect that to be much better by the weekend.

“There could be some refreezing at night,” said Jen Fletcher, Des Moines Parks and Recreation marketing supervisor. “We’re not anticipating that. It’s supposed to be warm enough overnight that it won’t happen, but we’re just asking people to use their best judgment, be careful and enjoy the weather.”

The Great Western Trail was a mess. It was expected, so no complaints. The blind-corner along Walnut Creek entering WaterWorks Park was flooded deep and we had to trek through the stickler and muddy woods. Between there and Cumming there were normal puddles, lots of dry trail and 1 really nasty ice spot at the entrance to a tunnel. All other cyclists were warning each other. The only thing spoiling the cruise was your typical young speedstres who still don't know how to say ON YOUR LEFT or HELLO. Too concerned with keeping the 25mph pace I guess. It 3was the first time for making chicken wings at Cumming Tap. The wings were meaty but not seasoned. Stopped at Confluence on the way back. Decided to hit the downtown area and then back up death-street (University) through Drake and back home. Good 50 miler....

#1 - streamdreamer posted Feb 23, 2016

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