Great article by De sMoines Register spotlighting Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny...

Biking enthusiast Kyle Robinson can look back on the past 35 years and see just how far he’s come.

“When I was 10 years old, I was digging through junk piles, building bikes in the garage. In 2008, I opened my own bike store, which was a lifelong dream,” Robinson said.

Kyle’s Bikes is a local hotspot for triathletes. It sells equipment to athletes all around the world thanks to its website. And because of the expansive bike trail system in Ankeny, the store sells many recreational bikes and accessories.

The store’s technicians can fix most bike problems.

“We are a full-service running store, too. We’re more full-service than most, because we also do gate analyses and always have our guru of shoes, Bill Lorenz, here on hand. I’m good at the bike side, he’s good with the shoe side,” Robinson said.

“Having the running side was a natural fit for us and a part of my original business plan. We can help anyone from beginners to novices. Cyclists will start out and find they love biking and want to move up a notch, so we do trade-ins on bikes as people advance in their skill level. We’re here to help people along the way.”

Robinson spoke with The Des Moines Register about his business and community involvement.

Q. Do you host group rides for the community?

We hosted group rides on Wednesday nights through the end of October. Anyone can ride. We all start out together, but then when you go up the hill out by Cherry Glen near Saylorville, we tend to split off into different groups, but we don’t ever leave somebody behind. READ MORE





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