• Wed March 26 2008
  • Posted Mar 26, 2008
Nashville, IN - The Iowa-based women’s team, Punk Rock Cycling, recently held their 2008 spring training camp in Nashville, Indiana- just east of Bloomington. The team, which consists of six riders, used the rolling terrain and steep grades of Brown County to prepare for their heavy race calendar which will include several NRC events and National Championships. The trip was plagued with rainfall but that didn’t detour the team from logging several hours of riding each day through the surrounding area. “We made some great steps forward as a team on this trip.” Said PRC team director Donny Quixote. “Sunlight makes for great tan lines but having to push through the cold rain makes a strong and prepared racer.” PRC rides began on Sunday with 5 hours of heavy hill work starting with several loops in Brown County State Park where several of the roads go well above 20% grade followed with a ride on the backcountry roads to Sweetwater Lake. Monday the team did a powerhouse ride on Highway 446 heading southeast from Bloomington. Tuesday consisted of interval and sprint training on Clay Lick Road out of Nashville, and Wednesday was a long and scenic ride from Nashville to Bloomington. After each ride the PRC women hit the town all-out. They commandeered the Little 500 track at Indiana University, threw down some green beer for St. Patrick’s Day, partied at a wine bar, and dropped their charms on the unsuspecting staff at Revolution Bike and Bean. “We had a great time during our stay in Indiana. The people here are just awesome and hopefully some of us will be able to make it back in a couple of weeks to watch the Little 500” Said Quixote. To see photos from Punk Rock Cycling’s training camp visit their website at PRC is sponsored by the Elder Corporation, Wexford & James, Rasmussen Bike Shop, Specialized Designs for Women, Shimano, Visionary Services, RBS Training Systems, and Oakley.

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