The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce has launched a new RAGBRAI specific page on their website.

This page will be a go-to resource for all things RAGBRAI related, featuring updates, schedules, and must-know information about the event happening in Knoxville this summer. It was announced Saturday night at an event held at the Iowa Events Center that Knoxville will be an overnight stop for RAGBRAI on Wednesday, July 24th. A volunteer sign up sheet has already been put out by the chamber for those that want to help with the event. The new RAGBRAI specific page for the chamber is a way to keep the community updated and in the loop as we approach the great bicycle ride across Iowa. Knoxville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nathan Sage said this page is a great way for anyone wanting to be involved with RAGBRAI to get connected.

“With everybody reaching out to the city, reaching out to different entities throughout town we wanted to make sure that we had a centralized location for information when it came to RAGBRAI. Obviously we have thousands of people looking for places to go, and how they can help out, and be a part of it. We wanted a place where we could provide that information so we added that tab on our website and we will update it as soon as we have any information that we can.”

Knoxville was last a host city for RAGBRAI in 2013. If you would like to visit the RAGBRAI page you can do so by following this link.







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