• Posted May 17

a whimsical journey through abstract landscapes

Introducing "WINDY VISTA" - a vibrant kaleidoscope of color and creativity on two wheels! This design represents a whimsical journey through abstract landscapes and playful patterns, designed to ignite your imagination and fuel your cycling adventures. Vista means 'a pleasing view through a long, narrow opening' and we all know how windy Iowa can be!

WE asked about a new Youth Style jersey design via this post, YOU loved it for the kids, but also wanted Adult sizes and styles too! Boom - there was our second design for this year! We worked with Primal Wear and so here it is!


Crew Shirt, Men's Jersey, Women's Jersey, Women's Tank, Youth Jersey, Cycling Cap

NEW FOR 2024!

This design will be offered with some new items from Primal Wear!
  1. Youth Design! This will be our first year offering a Youth jersey. We've offered Youth/Kids/Infant T-shirts before, but never a jersey! How cool is it that you and your kid(s) can have the same jersey design!!!

  2. The Crew shirt, now called the Atouran, is made of a new lighter-weight fabric, pockets are 20% larger and it still has the snaps we love! It also fits true-to-size!

  3. The NEW ladies tank we are using is the Astera. NO built-in bra and a silky-smooth fabric! Plus... drum roll.... It fits true-to size!!!


Pre-Orders CLOSE May 23rd!!!

We have a REALLY short pre-order window. Why? So we get them in time for RAGBRAI!

Why should you Pre-order?
  1. We might run out of inventory - believe us... we are not going overboard this year. When we run out, we run out.
  2. It ensure YOU get the size and style YOU want
  3. We won't carry much Youth inventory, so pre-order.
  4. If you wear the really big or the really small sizes, you know we don't carry much of that inventory on-hand
  5. It helps us gauge how popular a style might be


This means we won't carry any inventory for these items. We think they are all cool, but the financial investment to carry so much inventory isn't in our business plan.

  1. Women's Jersey - we just don't sell enough to justify an inventory - so get 'em now.
  2. Youth Design - we will carry a small inventory and once we run out, we run out.

Check out the new "BIKEIOWA Party Crew" Collection too!






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