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July 21-27th marks the 41st RAGBRAI. It is the 2nd shortest and 15 flattest route in history


RAGBRAI takes a southern central route this year. Compared to the blistering heat of 2012, this route looks much more tame from the "Route Gods". Of the seven days on the road, five hover around the 50 mile per day. the longest day is 83 miles, and the shortest days are from Perry to Des Moines and Des Moines to Knoxville at 49.9 miles each.

We at have the perfect setup to help showcase the overnight and pass-through towns. As new information gets posted to BIKEIOWA, towns and trails are tagged accordingly allowing YOU, that crazy bike rider, to view each town's portal to see what they are up to. We'll do our best to list each towns links, and social media hotspots.

To have the best experience in each town during RAGBRAI, visit each City Portal, the offical town website and become a follower on facebook and twitter.


FULL route (including pass through towns) - released Mar 10th.
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For more information on RAGBRAI logistics, including bike shipping, airport shuttles, long-term parking and across Iowa shuttles, visit


If the links are not LIVE, that means we are waiting for you to tell us what the links are. Send updates to, and we'll get 'em changed

Saturday July 20

Sunday July 21

mileage: 56.8

Monday July 22

mileage: 83

Tuesday July 23

mileage: 49.9

Wednesday July 24

mileage: 49.9

Thursday July 25

mileage: 52

Friday July 26

mileage: 52

Saturday July 27

mileage: 63


If you are from one of the cities and want to increase exposure to cyclists around the country, feel free to post your own News, Events, Links, etc.

All you have to do is sign up for a BIKEIOWA Profile here.

Start here for more information about what types of information you can add, or glance at the City Portals , Event Calendar and latest News to see how others are doing it.

What cities are being viewed the most? Check it out.

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GREAT! Thanks, this will definitely be a wonderful resource!

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