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Tue Sep 12 2023 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


near Lauridsen Amphitheater
Des Moines, IA

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Renegade Cyclocross Practice was rockin' last night at Des Moines Water Works Park. hosts practices each Tues at a different venue in/around Des Moines!

We had a blast riding around the ponds at the unique course 1.8 mile course. 

Check out this video of the practice!



Distance - 1-20 miles (you decide)


PLEASE join us for another season of Renegade Cyclocross Practices in Des Moines hosted by the BIKEIOWA Racing Team.

NEW FOR 2023 - We are hosting weekly practices to different Des Moines Parks this year!  Fresh parks and varying courses will make for some exciting practices! The venue and course layout will be different each week.

Practices will be held each Tuesday from September through the first week in November.

Show up. Warm Up. Ride at your own pace. Organized laps start at 5:45 pm for those interested.
Practices will be held rain or shine unless the ground is completely saturated with water or there is a big storm,

Watch, Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date info.

Renegade Cyclocross Practices are held AT YOUR OWN RISK!

** PLEASE sign a waiver at your first practice before you participate. **


Each week, practices will be held at a different Des Moines Park.  Fresh parks and varying courses make for some exciting practices! The venue and course layout will be different each week.

TUES- Sept 12th -  We'll do laps in Waterworks park to the WEST of the Lauridsen Amphitheater at Water Works Park.

COURSE DETAILS  - This unique course will be approx 2.5 miles long and is designed to work on your endurance, riding in grass, taking corners at speed, straight sections and picking the best line.  We'll have the course marked as good as we can and we'll do a parade lap at 5:45pm to take everyone around so you know the course layout. (note: route may change day of depending on traffic, parked cars, fishermen, etc)

PARK - in the paved parking lot to the SOUTH of the Amphitheater or better yes, RIDE THERE!  THE BIKEIOWA van will be parked in the gravel lot and will have a table to sign waivers if you haven't signed one already.


This is a training race, bike practice, or whatever else you kids want to call it. No entry fees, no prizes, no official results. Please understand the word "race" is used loosely.

What it WILL be is a great opportunity to get some intensity in, practice barriers, run-ups and other cyclocross skills and ride against guys of varying abilities. This makes it a GREAT chance for newer riders to gain some confidence and have some fun, while the experienced guys get a good workout and pass on some knowledge. Above all, it's a good reason to ride cross bikes with friends. Cool?


This IS the place to learn! Find out more about Cyclocross, the courses, and the bike set-up at Cyclocross 101. Cyclocross is one of the fastest-growing cycling disciplines of the 21st century. Getcha some!

Thanks to

  • Des Moines Parks and Recreation for maintaining the Des Moines Parks System.

  • Brian Duffy for the Renegade Cyclocross logo.

  • The BIKEIOWA Racing Team, and members of other local teams who help set up and tear down each week.


We'll set up a different course each week to include barriers, run-ups, with twists and turns to hone your cyclocross skills.


near Lauridsen Amphitheater

2251 George Flagg Pkwy
Des Moines, IA 50321


None required. Attend for FREE.

You will be asked to sign a Waiver before your first practice starts.  You only have to sign it once per practice season. PLEASE see one of the coordinators before practice for a waiver to sign. Please don't ride until you've signed the waiver.

BIKEIOWA covers the costs to rent the Des Moines Parks each week.


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