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Sat Feb 16 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Lake Macbride State Park
Solon, IA


Sugar Bottom Bikes and Solon Centennial Lions Club


80+ Fatbikes started!

RESULTS at Sugar Bottom Bikes.


Fat Bike

Distance - 30mile/15mile

The Lake Macbride Fat Tire Classic is a Fat Bike race like no other.  Presented by Sugar Bottom Bikes and The Solon Centennial Lions Club, the race will take you around scenic Lake Macbride on twisty pea gravel, flowing singletrack, scenic beaches, blazing fast double track, hilly and steep snowmobile and hiking trails, before finishing off with some of the best gravel around.  For the 2019 edition racers will be taking a detour north to head out to the 600 Acres OHV park for an additional 10 miles of trail, dirt roads, and OHV park featuring berms, tabletops and rollers galore.  All proceeds of the race will go to the Lions Club.

We will be offering two options for participants, the 30 mile Lake Macbride Fat Tire Classic Race and the 15 mile Lake Macbride Half Classic Fun Fat Ride


Macbride Fat Tire Classic Full Route Description:

The race will start in downtown Solon, take the north shore pea gravel trail west towards the park for a couple miles before heading NW on the Ely Bike Trail towards the Polk B-Road/600 Acres OHV park.  After a full tour of 600 acres racers will double back to the point where they initially left the pea gravel trail to head NW.  At this point racers will hop back on the north shore pea gravel trail and take it West to  hook up with the steep and twisty hiking/snowmobile trails in the northern part of the park which will take you down near the reservoir boat ramp. From here you will make your way on park access roads through the park before hopping back on the twisty pea gravel near the boat rental/beach area which will take riders west to the spillway where we will have a special stop providing beverages and food in a nice grassy area overlooking the spillway and reservoir.

After all this the racers will continue across the spillway where they will be met by volunteers to help them get up the cliff over to the field campus side of the lake.  (That's right there is a cliff that must be scaled!) make sure you are comfortable hoisting a 30+ lb bike up a small rock formation if you sign up for the race! Racers will then head east along the hiking/ski trails toward the sailing club, and then cross over into the woods east of the sailing club and head down towards Anglers point.  After riding the wooded trails through Anglers point they will cross Mehaffey Bridge Rd. and take more wooded and hilly snowmobile trails almost all the way back to Solon before hopping on about 5 miles of scenic gravel and heading into town.  A short but steep gravel climb on Racine Ave. will be the last defining moment before crossing 180th St. into town.  Volunteers will be staged on 180th St. to stop traffic and allow for riders to sprint into town if necessary.

If you’ve ever ridden or hiked any of these trails, you are probably getting pretty excited by now!  Absolutely amazing trails and stunning scenery to take in for most of this route!  The full race loop will be challenging to say the least and the top 5 finishers should expect to be out there for around 3 hours or more depending on conditions.

Macbride Half Classic Fun Fat Ride Description

Riders of the Half Classic will start in downtown Solon and take the north shore pea gravel trail west towards the park.  There will be a couple fun detours off of the pea gravel to explore some dense pine forest and a rough and tough secret trail.  After a few miles of pea gravel trail riders will find themselves in Macbride Park where they will take a couple different park roads to make their way down towards the beach and boat rental area where they will hook up with more twisty pea gravel that will take them to the spillway area.  After reaching the spillway area riders will be treated to a fun stop including brews and food and featuring the world famous Lion's Club Bacon Brothers!  After riders get their fill of beer and bacon its time to turn around and head back to Solon the same galsh darned way they came in.

Riders participating in the fun ride should be able to complete the out and back loop in about 1 1/2 hours if they hold a brisk pace, but could make the ride last up to 2 -3 hours or more at a proper "stomping" pace.  In 2018 we learned that some folks managed to pretty much spend the whole dog-gone day out there!

Due to the nature of the weather this time of year the race will be for fat tires only (3.5") and wider.  We will be holding the event rain or shine and freeze or thaw so its important to only allow wide tires to prevent trail damage.  Hopefully we will be able to hold future events at later times in the year and allow other tire sizes to participate.  There is even talk of a marathon/endurance mountain bike event with multiple laps of the course involved!


Lake Macbride State Park

301 S. Iowa St.
Solon, IA 52333


Online Registration is currently OPEN!!! 

Register HERE ----->

Lake Macbride Fat Tire Classic Race                                                                                   

Registration Fee:   $35 online registration 

                              $45 Day of Registration

                              (Online Reg ends Feb. 14th @ 10PM)

Start Time: 9:00 AM

Distance: ~30 Miles

Awards/Prizes:  $1200 EQUAL CASH PAYOUT for the Top 5 Men and Top 5 Women Racers!!! 

Swag and Prizes to the Top 10 in each category and then more for everyone else until we run out.


Lake Macbride Fat Fun Ride

Registration Fee: $25 online reg.

                              $35 Day of Registration

                             (Online Reg. ends Feb. 14th @ 10PM)

Start Time: 11:00 AM 

Distance: ~15 Miles

This event is meant to be casual fun and riders will not be timed.


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