Type: Rail Trail

Length: 34 miles

Surface: Mix



Grade - Gentle Grades



The Iowa River Railroad Trail concept is a unique opportunity to connect a 34-mile stretch of trail to the Trans American Discovery Trail. Towns like Albion, Liscomb, Union, Gifford, Eldora and Steamboat Rock will see significant usage by travelers from all over the world, similar to the Appalachian Trail. This is why the city of Marshalltown is interested enough in this project that it has agreed to partner with Hardin County in this endeavor.

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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Sterile Iowan

4 Friday Jun 2021 - 6 Sunday Jun 2021
  • Alden, IA
  • Gravel
  •    3,387

72 Hours of Sterile Iowan

7 Friday Aug 2020 - 9 Sunday Aug 2020
  • Alden, IA
  • Gravel
  •    1,963

Sterile Iowan 100 or 200 (Still ON LIKE DONKEY KONG)

29 Friday May 2020 - 31 Sunday May 2020
  • Alden, IA
  • Gravel
  •    3,561

FIRFAR II: Eldora Strikes Back

24 Sunday Nov 2019
  • Eldora, IA
  • Fat Bike
  •    1,486

FIRFAR-Fantastic Iowa River Fatbike Adventure Ride

6 Sunday Jan 2019
  • Steamboat Rock, IA
  • Fat Bike
  •    1,629

Iowa River Trail Ribbon Cutting and Ride

19 Saturday May 2018
  • Steamboat Rock, IA
  • Other
  •    3,222

CANCELLED Greenbelt Fat Bike Frenzy***CANCELLED

28 Saturday Jan 2017
  • Iowa Falls, IA
  • Fat Bike
  •    6,984

Iowa River Trail Sneak Peak Breakfast Ride

15 Saturday Oct 2016
  • Steamboat Rock, IA
  • Trail Ride
  •    3,663


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