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Fri Aug 07 2020 - Sun Aug 09 2020 12:00 PM - 12:00 PM


Downtown Alden
Alden, IA


Dangerous Dan



Distance - 50, 100, 200, 300, 400

Distances - 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 mile options. Can be solo or split up with a team.

This is a rush for me the Event Dicktator... I and my team (my shadow) are scrambling and we want to fill the void we all are feeling... more information about this event will be coming forward and more revisions will be coming with more information coming...

Feeling a void this weekend in the gravel community the #SterileIowan wants to step up and make everyone feel welcome safe and happy for another fun weekend of gravel in the
... The 72 Hours of SterileIowan is going to be the safe #SocialDistancing format as before allowing participants to choose there adventure from Friday to Sunday... This means pick your direction and start time anytime from Friday to Sunday Morning. We will be at the Shelter.

The course will be the same exact course we use for the #SterileIowan but we will be offering a test riding the new true 200 mile course... Just like the #SterileIowan Participants can choose there adventure... what does choose your adventure look like??? Participants can choose there starting time choose the direction of the course they ride... with this event being in August I the Event Dicktator am wanting to challenge participants to ride more at night or early morning to avoid Rural Iowa’s hot humid days... This event will be $40 in the pickle jar...

Course opportunities
50 miles
100 miles
200 miles (We now have a true 200 loop)
300 miles
400 miles

50 mile increments can easily be added into your Adventure by doing loops off the 100 mile course...

New for the 72 hours of Sterile 
#CockMeasuring this event is $50 in the pickle jar
This is going to be a true race... with a
-Our Mass Start will on Saturday at 12pm for the race will have the following:
   * 10 riders whom pay an extra $20 each for a preferred start a full city block ahead of the field.
   * Mass start social distancing will have spots on the ground to mark front tire location of the start.  6 feet apart and the following row will be 9feet behind.

event is going to pay out for both Genders...

Female/Male payout
1st Place $200
2nd Place $150
3rd Place $100

This Event will be offering up a progressive bounty of $500... The $500 will be divided up amongst every racer that Finishes the event under 4 hours 45 minutes...

This event will be the
100 mile course done counter clockwise... having this Event go Counter Clockwise we are hoping for an exciting finish and a sprint for the cash...

For this event and since it is in the heat of the summer I’m encouraging relay teams also... for a relay I only need information from the captain ?????... Captain is in charge an let’s me know what’s happening also relay options for all distances...


50, 100, 200, 300 or 400 mile gravel loop along the scenic Iowa River valley

Laps and Route Description:
100: 1 Lap Clock Wise
200: Lap 1 Clockwise, Lap 2 Counter Clockwise or the 200 loop
300: Lap 1 Clockwise, Lap 2 Counter Clockwise, Lap 3 Riders Choice for direction
400: Lap 1 Clockwise, Lap 2 Counter Clockwise, Lap 3 & Lap 4 are Riders Choice for direction (or two 200 loops)


Downtown Alden

1502 Water St
Alden, IA 50006


To register, send your postcard to:

Dangerous Dan
2716 Neola St
Cedar Falls, IA  50613

Make sure postcard includes the following:
  • Name or Team Name (Teams only need one card from Team Captain)
  • Course Selection (50, 100, 200, 300, or 400)
  • Contact Email 
  • and the following personal affirmation "I am responsible for me"
  • or email your postcard to 
Drop a $40 in the pickle jar at the start and you're good to go
Cockmeasrueing Racers: $50 is the cost, and 10 preferred starting spots are available for $20 each.


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