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Tue January 01 2019 / Issue #28

On Our Radar

It's been over 2 years since we sent the last Ride Reminder (Nov 2016 - Wow!) Why did we stop? We switched our focus to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Does social media work? Yes, we think it does to a point. As time goes on, we have a bigger group of friends and are members of more groups every month which means more data to view (or miss). We know we don't spend much time on Facebook anymore. We've missed rides and events because some event coordinators only post on Facebook and we never see the posts. Unfortunately not everyone sees everyone's posts.

We understand that many of you don't use Facebook, gave it up, or are getting bored and/or overwhelmed with data on the different social medial platforms as we are.

We've also added a new section to the Ride Reminder for "Just Posted Events" which will notify you of events further in the future.

How Often will the Ride Reminder be sent? Our plan is to send it once a month and on special occasions. We may consider twice a month during the busy months as there is no shortage of Iowa Cycling information to share.

We will still post to social media, but realize most social media posts will link back to permanent posts on BIKEIOWA. We believe our Ride Reminder has excellent visibility, is full of pertinent details, and won't get lost in the "social shuffle".

Did You Know - You can always share or view old Ride Reminders at Yep - our data is always there and always easy to find!

If you have any questions or comments about the Ride Reminder, please respond to this email. We are interested in what our readers think and we read ALL feedback.
Thanks for using BikeIowa
Ride Safe!
Scott Sumpter

Upcoming Events

Wed Jan 02 2019
Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night MTB Ride—Cancelled »
Johnston, Mountain Biking
Sun Jan 06 2019
FIRFAR-Fantastic Iowa River Fatbike Adventure Ride »
Steamboat Rock, Fat Bike
Wed Jan 09 2019
Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night MTB Ride »
Johnston, Mountain Biking
Wed Jan 16 2019
Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night MTB Ride »
Johnston, Mountain Biking
Sat Jan 19 2019
Triple D Winter Race 2019 »
Dubuque, Fat Bike
Wed Jan 23 2019
Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night MTB Ride »
Johnston, Mountain Biking
Sat Jan 26 2019
Iowa Bike Expo »
Des Moines, Expo/Sales/Swap
RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party »
Des Moines, Destination
Wed Jan 30 2019
Kyle's Bikes Wednesday Night MTB Ride »
Johnston, Mountain Biking
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Just Posted Events

Sat Aug 17 2019
Gravel Worlds 2019 »
Lincoln NE, Gravel
Sat May 18 2019
Northfield MN, Gravel
Sat Jun 08 2019
Prairie Burn 100 »
Grinnell, Gravel
Sun Jan 06 2019
FIRFAR-Fantastic Iowa River Fatbike Adventure Ride »
Steamboat Rock, Fat Bike
Sat Mar 30 2019
C.O.G. 100 Iowa Gravel Single Speed Championship »
Grinnell, Gravel
Sun Mar 17 2019
Black Shamrock Ride »
Ames, Other
Sun Jun 09 2019 to Fri Jun 14 2019
Grand Illinois Bike Tour »
Tuscola IL, Tour
Sat Jul 06 2019
Iowa Gravel Classic »
Coon Rapids, Gravel
Sun Sep 15 2019
GIRG Ride; Twister House edition »
Steamboat Rock, Gravel
Tue Feb 12 2019
Iowa Transportation Commission public input meeting »
Des Moines, Safety/Education/Training
Tue Dec 18 2018
Great Western Trail - At-Grade Crossing - Call to Action - Part 2 »
Des Moines, Safety/Education/Training
Sat Jul 13 2019
The Triple Bypass »
Evergreen CO, Road
Sat Feb 16 2019
Lake Macbride Fat Tire Classic »
Solon, Fat Bike
Sun Dec 09 2018
Triple Rock Ride »
La Porte City, Gravel
Wed Dec 12 2018
Great Western Trail - At-Grade Crossing - Call to Action »
Des Moines, Safety/Education/Training


Sugar Bottom Mountain Bike Trails Winter Closure »
Grant helps Maquoketa complete trail system »
Usable trail from Clarke Elementary to East Lake Park in Osceola »
UNI grad opens Joywheel Cycling Studio »
Disabled Cedar Rapids woman gets her bike back »
‘Let’s Connect’ project receives $500 from Walmart Community Grant »
Property developer, bicycling community face off over road proposal »
Junior cyclists headed to nationals »
Dallas County Conservation Encourages RRVT Trail Permits as Stocking Stuffers »
Deal struck with Woodward connector-trail landowners »
Officials vote to not allow road crossing at popular trail »
12 of our favorite RAGBRAI-themed gifts for every bike lover you know »
Johnson County cities to get updated bicycle master plan »
Two more ‘pieces’ of Story County’s trails are planned to happen in 2019 »
Four juveniles arrested for October trail harassment in Cedar Rapids »
Johnson County cities to get updated bicycle master plan »
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Ankeny Bike Club formed to get more youth and families riding bikes »

How do you get more school kids riding bikes? promoting a healthy lifestyle? and gaining independence?

Colorado's Triple Bypass - The 31st Anniversary Ride »

Take an epic ride through Colorado’s majestic mountains for the 31st Anniversary of the legendary Triple Bypass this July.

Great Western Trail - At-Grade Crossing - Call to Action »

There is a new at-grade crossing proposed for Commerce Park North of the new Maffitt Lake Road tunnel. We need to make our voice heard again before the next Polk County Conservation Board meeting


Check out The Chicken in West Des Moines for an indulgent poultry-themed meal »

Kim Norvell of the Des Moines Register gives a detail review of the Chicken which is a classic roadhouse joint and cycling destination on the Great Western Trail!Kim's Review:Earlier this summer, Isip...

2018 Bikepacking Awards: Gear of the Year »

Bikepacking Magazine recognizes the gear that's made a lasting impression and one of our Sponsors who also make our favorite bicycle seat every is on the list!The Best New Component is Selle Anatomica...

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2018 - BIKEIOWA Year In Review »

2018 was another great year for riding my bicycle and promoting Iowa cycling. Here is to good health and relatively good fitness.I met new friends and acquaintances, rode new trails, roads, gravel and...

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Tue January 01 2019 / Issue #28