• Posted Aug 21, 2020

Join Scott (err... Jess) from to hear about what's on his radar in the Iowa cycling scene this weekend. #FridayFives is a new series for Summer 2020 and we plan to share fun destinations, events and happenings each week.

For Week #12, Jess gives Scott a break from his on-camera appearances and shares what's on her radar:

1) NO 2020 BICYCLE COURSE SUPPORT has been organizing Bicycle Course Support for the IMT Des Moines Marathon for almost 20 years! Bicycle Course Support supports all athletes from 5K to the full marathon. We provide moral support, kleenexes, candy and answer questions like: “Where’s the nearest KYBO?”

Earlier this week, it was announced that the Marathon will be a virtual event so we won't need to worry about how to safely provide course support in a pandemic.

We'll be looking forward to providing Bicycle Course Support in 2021!

Jess shares a sad tale of a broken chain, but it's got a happy ending when Kyle's Bikes is able to help her out with a quick repair.

Bike parts are available online, but local bike shops provide unmatched service. If you're looking for a shop, check out this list:

After a few years on a Salsa Cycles Vaya, Jess tries out her ten year old aluminum Giant Bicycles. She shares some thoughts about adventure bikes versus road bikes and wonders if you've had a similar experience.

Pigtails IV at The Prairie Trail is scheduled for this weekend, but today's COVID-19 Test Positivity Rate in Iowa is 10.7%, which is considered uncontrolled community spread. Even with precautions in place, it's irresponsible of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to host an event that will bring people together and provide plenty of opportunity to not social distance.

If it wasn't safe to have RAGBRAI from July 19-25 and it's not safe to have the Iowa State Fair from August 13-23, it's probably also not safe to have Pigtails on August 8.

There haven't been many changes in the local cyclocross schedule, but the BIG NEWS is that USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals have been moved from Chicago to Iowa City. There's a World Cup caliber cyclocross course (used by Jingle Cross Cyclo-Cross Festival), but Jess theorizes that the event may have also been moved to Iowa for other reasons.

THAT’S IT FOR THIS WEEK ! You can find more information on all of these items by checking out

And finally, it's still a pandemic. It's still important to SOCIAL DISTANCE!

If you've got any ideas for future Friday Fives, send us a message!

Have a great weekend, RIDE SAFE and stay healthy!






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