• Posted May 24, 2015
From the Travel Iowa Blog
written by Alison Page

Many people love to enjoy spending time in the great outdoors during their holiday, but this can be a challenge if youuse a wheelchair or mobility device. Iowa has many beautiful trails that are fully accessible to wheelchair users, and the 16.5 mile Great Western Trail is one of them.


Closed by high water between 25th Avenue and Fillmore Street.

#5 - WarrenCCB posted Jun 26, 2015

We also post any trail closings on the WCCB facebook page. Like Warren County Conservation and Annett Nature Center to see them (

#4 - WarrenCCB posted Jun 26, 2015

The Great Western Trail was still open at 4:00 p.m. on 25, June 2015, but North River was still on the rise. The WCCB anticipates that water will be over the trail sometime 26 June. Updates as possible.

#3 - WarrenCCB posted Jun 26, 2015

Or ridden all the way to Martinsdale where the surface is rough and heavily patched.

#2 - dbpaul8 posted Jun 20, 2015

Whoever wrote this must not have gone across muddy intersections at the dirt roads.

#1 - bramasoleiowa posted Jun 15, 2015

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