Cyclists have a way of leaving a positive impact on Iowa communities, which is why the organizers of an upcoming, Newton-based bicycle ride are convinced the event will not only bring an economic boost but will also introduce more people to the great amenities and attractions the city has to offer.

Joe Urias, owner of Mojo Cycling and organizer of the Jasper County Pub Pedal, also hopes the ride on April 22 generates enough buzz to persuade local leaders to give more thought into connecting Newton’s trail system and take proactive measures to attract more cyclists to town.

“It think it’s already gathering enough momentum that it’s starting to turn heads,” Urias said. “I know it’s turning heads in the community and I just honestly believe we’re just a few steps away from gaining enough notoriety to actually make a difference in the community. What’s that going to mean? I don’t know.





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