• Mon September 17 2001
  • Posted Sep 17, 2001
The following is a list compiled by Donna yesterday, which gives further details:  
JP Fenn: was in a helicopter going to investigate the fire in the first
bldg and the pilot had to take evasive action to get out of the way of
the 2nd plane coming in---in happened right in front of him. He is OK
and going back to work
Alex Timlin: is OK and has been on the scene.
Tommy Woods: is OK and has been on the scene for most of the day.
George Healy: is OK--he was on vacation and came in about mid-day and has been on the scene.
Chris Healy: was in class and is OK.
Darren Hawkins: was seen by George at the scene and he was OK.
Kaylene Rogers: is OK, she was home in the afternoon.
Lance Ogren: was working and is OK.
Kimkay Jenkusky: went into work tonight in the city and is stationed at 42nd Street.
Joe Jenkusky: is working in Brooklyn for most of the day and night.
Kara Burge: is OK, she is in WDC and wasn't flying.
Winton Smith: wasn't in the Pentagon and is OK.
Kelly Burge: was flying on Tuesday--and landed in Chicago and drove to Ohio.
Joe Crowley: was leaving for WDC about the time it happened, got off the plane, went home and is OK.
Kasey Crowley: was home and is OK. Her mother Kit is visiting her.
Doug Solis: had the day off, so he wasn't in the city and is OK.
Gary Paterni: was working in Long Island at the time and is OK.

(Thank you Donna)

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