Trends in parking difficulties, gas prices, and climate should make everyone consider cycling more when having to travel around town.

Winter is over, and snow is but a memory. Suffice to say, the weather recently has been much better than weeks past. Days have been mostly sunny, and temperatures were rarely below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the afternoons, constituting the perfect weather for a jog or some quality time outside.

Because of the warmer climate, getting around Iowa City by bicycle has become a more viable option. With parking problems and rising gas prices, people should bike more, as it is a less costly alternative to using automobiles, and it is better for the environment and personal health.

It would not be revolutionary to claim that parking in Iowa City can be a bit of a hassle. Recently, University of Iowa nursing students were asked about their experiences with parking, and it has not been positive. Their main complaint — and bottom line of the problem — is parking is expensive.








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