• Chris Earl
  • Mon July 12 2021
  • Posted Jul 19, 2021

The maps call it a 4.8-mile trek.

Main Street and Iowa Highway 1 in Solon heads west out of town and, eventually, pulls into Lake Macbride State Park. A simple five-minute drive, with one roundabout to navigate, and it’s a whole different world.

“The [Iowa Department of Natural Resources] takes great care of this beautiful park,” Tina Hoffman, the owner at Lake Macbride Boat Rental, said.

Hoffman more than understands the balance of convenience with the ability to get away and, truly, take in the beauty of this area.

“I live in Solon. My boys and I live off the north shore. Biking trails, running trails, a lot of opportunities,” Hoffman said.


The park really is a capstone for being able to look all around Solon, and the surrounding area, to expand the viewpoints of Iowa’s slice of outdoor utopia.






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