• Fri August 10 2001
  • Posted Aug 10, 2001
Thousand vibrators handed out in Auckland Organizers of a New Zealand erotica expo have handed out 1,000 vibrators on the streets of Auckland. Following on from the UK's National Orgasm Day, Erotica Expo took to the streets to raise awareness of International Orgasm Day. Fiona Gibb, from Erotica Expo, said it was important for adults not to be inhibited by the sleazy image which often surrounds sex toys. "One of my staff saw information about the UK's Orgasm Day advertised on the internet. It's relatively close to our Expo in November so we decided to use it over here as a sort of promotion," Fiona told Ananova. From a spot at the bottom of Auckland's main street, Erotica Expo goodie bags containing vibrators and orgasmatrons were handed out to passers-by. "It was absolutely fantastic. We are not backwards in coming forwards down here," added Fiona. New Zealand's second Erotica Adult Concepts & Lifestyle Expo 2001 will be held from November 8 to 11 in Auckland

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