• Phil Reed
  • Sat October 10 2020
  • Posted Nov 23, 2020

Leaders in Dubuque County showed off its Proving Ground Recreation Area on Saturday. It’s located at 10616 W. John Deere Rd in Dubuque.

The park is almost complete after 2 years of construction. People have been able to use some of its features during construction. It will be more than 130 acres, with 6 and a half miles for Mountain bike trails when it’s done.

John Deere donated the land to the Dubuque County Conservation Board. Leaders say it’s a good way to bring people to the area.

“Outdoor recreation is an aspect of any community that we see young professionals are looking for when they decide whether or not they’re going to call home,” said Brett Errthum President of Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders. “So John Deere, and for the other partners that’s part of this program, as well as Dubuque County, it’s important that we can offer recreation opportunities like this park.”





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