Clarence Boesenberg, 94, spent Friday morning doing what he has been doing the last 8 years--delivering meals for the Meals on Wheels program.

"We had meals delivered when my wife was sick. That is something I've wanted to do so I've been doing it ever since. Somebody has to do it, it has to be done. I am watching very closely What I do and I don't get into crowds or anything" said Boesenberg.

Clarence is not about to let COVID-19 slow him down.

An avid cyclist, Boesenberg is still riding about 45 miles a day...even in the cold.

"I prefer to ride in the 30's but I'll ride in the 20's. Last year I rode 7000 miles. I will ride up to Center point a lot of times or to Solon, Mount Vernon, Central City. I grew up on a farm in the summertime I like to see the crops being put in growing and harvesting. It gets me outside. I'm an outdoor person. I like to be outside" said Boesenberg.

Clarence is a true inspiration and he encourages everyone during these stressful times to get some exercise.

"I think it is help me stay healthy. I think people are too please set a goal to some sort to try to get a little exercise. Stay active," he said.






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