Attracting and retaining millennials.

That's one of the goals Mason City government hopes to achieve while working to provide young people the amenities they seek in communities.

In 2014 the Mason City Council approved an extensive 15-year, $2.1 million dollar plan to transform access to cycling and pedestrian trails in Mason City. Several groups and a city commission have continued that work in recent years.

“There are huge economic benefits to cycling,” said Steven Schurtz, a retired doctor from Mason City. “Studies have shown there is a 15% increase in home value located next to bicycle trails.”

“Millennials want to be in places where they can be active and enjoy being outside. This helps our community attract millennials. There’s direct economic value there,” said Schurtz.


Cycling related groups, clubs and commissions:

North Iowa Touring Club

An organization of individuals and families in the North Iowa region designed to create opportunities for its members and friends to enjoy the outdoors through cycling, skiing and other activities. The group was formed in 1977,

North Iowa SPIN

This local cycling and multisport team is a volunteer, nonprofit group that originally formed as an offshoot of North Iowa Touring Club as a indoor cycling club.


A junior development team designed to get kids interested in bike racing

Mohawk Mountain Bike Club

The Mohawk Mountain Bike Club is a North Iowa-based club focused on sharing and expanding the experience and potential of mountain biking by building a 7-12 grade mountain bike racing program.

Active living and transportation commission

The mission of the Active Living and Transportation Commission is to advocate for a community designed for active living. Consideration is given for safety and inclusion for all residents in regards to transportation, land, and waterways.





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