Several bicycle safety tips to remember for the next ride

In 2017, there were about 780 bicyclists killed by motorists in the United States, and as the weather heats up, police are encouraging both cyclists and drivers to prepare themselves fully before they hit the roads.

Scott Gerkin is a dedicated bicyclist.He has been sharing the roads with drivers for 3 years."It's great exercise. It's easy on the joints and it's fun to have the comradery with people," said Gerkin.

For Gerkin, it's a lifestyle he's accustomed to but an inexperienced cyclist could put themselves in danger if they're not prepared. Police Chief Ed Mahon, ofthe South Sioux City Police Department, described why it's importantto know bicycle laws and safety tips.

"Younger people and older people ride bikes. Kids ride bikes and sometimes they're not always thinking of doing the safest things," said Mahon.

Gerkin also explained why bicycle safety is important to him.

"People aren't always paying attention with their cars and so it's best to ride in groups whenever possible because it's easier to see a group than it is an individual," said Gerkin.






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