Iowa City leaders will soon consider making some changes to pave the way for a bike share program in the city.

On Tuesday, the city will vote in a second consideration to make changes to the language of an ordinance that currently restricts electric bike use in the city. Darian Nagle-Gamm, Director of Transportation Services in Iowa City, said technology has changed since the code was written and they want to make sure it does not mean to restrict the use of electric assist bikes. Unlike electric bikes, these bikes do not have a throttle and cannot go past 20 mph.

Some Iowa City residents said they would love to see a bike share program that offers these bikes for use in the near future.

"I love those bikes, I think they're so great," said Jessica Smith. "They make the hills and more difficult spots to bike more accessible to some of us that aren't hardcore bikers or really fit."

"It's a bike that you still have to pedal, and it just amplifies your pedal stroke," said Ryan Baker, Owner of World of Bikes.





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