Footage from an Iowa City bicyclist's camerashows he had seconds to react when a two-ton truck crossed the center line and nearly struckhimbefore itbarreled into a ditch.

A.J. Johnson had to diveover his handle bars to avoid the collision.

The 28-year-old cyclist was on mile 90 of an 130-mile ride the afternoon of July 29 when he spotted thetruck ascending a hill along Vine Avenue near Riverside. Johnson said it lookedlikethe truck was speeding up when it suddenly crossed the center line and headed straight toward him.

"I’ve had that happen several times where people swerve over, honkand swerve back. I thought it was just some jerk tying to scare me again," he said. "(It) wasn’t until last second that I decided, I’m going to get hit, I need to bail off the road."

Johnsonlanded in a ditch and escaped the incident unhurt aside from some scrapes.

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