• Tue August 09 2016
  • Posted Aug 9, 2016
(Downtown Decorah leaders met last week to discuss a variety of issues involving Decorah's business district. All this week's Paul Scott will summarize some of the issues raised):

For some reason, bicycles are controversial topics in many Iowa communities. That doesn't seem to be as much the case in Decorah, where the number of people using the Trout Run Trail and other bike facilities in the area is enough to convince most people that there's money to be made in catering to bicyclists.

One of the ways the City of Decorah has tried to be accommodating to bike riders is by installing bike racks in the summer in one parking space on Winnebago Street and one parking space in the city parking lot next to the Montessori school in the 400 block of West Water Street.

But now some downtown leaders are suggesting the bike racks could be put in better locations. T-Bock's owners Mike and Dom Bockman say the Winnebago Street bike rack would be put to better use in front of T-Bock's. Business owners in the 400 block of West Water Street have lobbied for moving the bike rack to in front of the Courtyard & Cellar or in front of Java John's.

Are the present bike rack locations good enough--or should the bike racks be moved? Send your comments to






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