Six cyclists cited for blowing stop signs along the Raccoon River Trail will get their tickets dismissed, the Guthrie County Attorney decided Wednesday.

Department of Natural ResourceConservation Officer Jeremy King fined the cyclists $195 each for crossing a gravel road without stopping at the small stop signs posted on the trail in Panora on Saturday. But Mary Benton, Guthrie county attorney, told The Des Moines Register Wednesday that the conservation board governing those trails never passed regulations which make those signs enforceable.

"I could have then amended the citations to the appropriate conservation board regulations but no such regulations have ever been passed. They have the authority;they just never bothered to do it," Benton said.






Gee, wish they would ticket motorists when they roll through the stop signs, and "walk" signs at intersections, my commute home is a battleground..., Velocio

#1 - velocio posted Sep 17, 2015

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