The bicyclist injured in a hit-and-run Sunday morning is now on life support, a close friend told KCCI Monday.


Des Moines police say Gregary Wade Franck, 41, suffered serious head trauma when he was hit on his bike by driver Jonathan Leyva, 31.

“His back tire was basically unrecognizable. His bike was in two separate pieces There were parts of a car strewn about 50 yards. Multiple witnesses talking about how it had been a hit-and-run that involved a great deal of speed and force,” said witness Heather Burnside.

Franckwas taking part in the Urban Assault bike ride where cyclists navigate their own route and must go to different stops to complete the course. Franck, who is a sales manager at Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny and well-known in the local cycling world, was riding with his girlfriend when he was struck from behind.

Police say Leyva left the scene after hitting Franck.

Several witnesses provided police with a description and license plate number of the vehicle that fled the scene, which led to Leyva's arrest. Leyva faces multiple charges, including drunken driving, and he is currently barred from driving as a habitual offender of the state's traffic laws.

Leyva has a lengthy criminal record including child endangerment, OWI, assault and an arrest for driving while barred.

“This man who hit him is reprehensible. He's a two-time OWI offender that's been barred from driving. Wade Franckdid nothing to deserve this,” Burnside said. “It's a cyclist’s worst nightmare."

Many eyes watching this case hoping for the best for Franckand hoping justice is served. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition released a statement Monday saying it will be watching the investigation closely and if the allegations against Leyva are true, “this is a driver that should have never been behind the wheel. Dangerous drivers should not be tolerated in Iowa."

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