• Wed June 25 2014
  • Posted Jun 25, 2014 will be vendor at the inaugural BACooN Ride on Satuday June 29th.

We couldn't miss this opportunity to see all out bacon lovers riding bicycles on one of the Nation's most popular trails!

Here is your chance to save on shipping ans see all the BIKEIOWA styles in person!


  • Friday: 4pm to 10pm

  • Saturday: 6am - 8am (then we are riding too!)


It looks like we'll be in Centennial Park right outside the beverage garden. You'll see the two big black BIKEIOWA tents. We will be set up in the same spot both Friday and Saturday. We will NOT be set up after 8am on Sat as we will be enjoying the ride with ya!
See the map below for a close-up, else here is a map of the area on the BACoon Ride website.


We'll have ALL our gear with us this weekend!

We have lots of styles, but not a ton of inventory. We are known to print small order and then move on to another design, so get it early if ya want it. Once we are sold out, that is all there is!

Here is a rundown of some of the items we'll have with us:

Sorry - We will NOT have the "Plaid is Rad" series crew shirts, gemini tanks and caps yet.

Payments accepted

We WILL take credit cards as long as there is good internet access at the park, else cash.

See everyone this Weekend! I know WE are looking forward to it!

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