• Mon January 14 2013
  • Posted Jan 14, 2013
We brought the new FAQ section online this past weekend.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions are from the old site, and we've added some new Questions and Answers and a few new topics too. We know there are a few FAQ that are out of date that we will be updating very soon.

The FAQ is a great online resource that can be used by all types of cyclists whether you live in Iowa or out of state. Look for frequent updates to this area.

Many of the FAQs are a result of getting the same emails time after time from cyclists inquiring about the same thing.

Check it out: FAQ (you can also find link in the upper right hand corner of the site in the Red bar.)

You can filter by a Question, sort, and expand one or all topics.

Will expand the FAQ repository over time to include more of the following:
  • How to promote your city, trail and event
  • Site functionality
  • Finding out how to get involved
  • Social media outlets
If there is a section missing, missing functionality, or a section that needs more information, let us know.

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