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THANKS to EVERYONE who showed up and participated in the "Save The Trails!" Charity Ride that went from Mickey's Irish Pub in Waukee to The Longest Yard in Dallas Center.

$5823 was raised! That is enough to pave TWO Gravel Crossings along the Raccoon River Trail.

The "Save The Trails!" Charity Ride was the brain-child of Andy and Amy Walsh, owners of Mickey's Irish Pub in Waukee. They had read the "No More Gravel! - Adopt a Crossing" Feature that BIKEIOWA had posted in June and they wanted to make a difference... AND THEY DID!

With a little less than a month of planning, a date was chosen, a route was mapped out and a few ideas were solidified on how to raise funds to pave one trail crossing.

Fast Forward a few weeks... New Belgium donates 2012 New Belgium cruiser, two Iowa Nebraska tickets were donated to the cause, BIKEIOWA had special "Iowa Trails" T-shirts printed up and Mickeys printed some great safety vests for registered riders.

We had the makings for a successful, fun, charity ride!


Approximately 200 riders participated in the ride. If you registered you got a cool safety vest and some awesome breakfast burritos and drink specials.

Riders trickled out of Waukee between 10:30 and 11:30 headed to Dallas Center via the new North Loop trail. Once in Dallas Center, The Longest Yard (formally the Harvest Moon) treated folks to cold beer, and food.

Additional funds were raised in Dallas Center with a card game where cards were purchased for $10 and the winner got half the pot. Winner Kathleen M. took her winnings and donated it right back to the trail paving efforts. Thanks

As riders made their way back to Waukee, Ira Grace and the Bible Belt Prophets entertained the crowd with their catchy melodies.


Scott Sumpter introduced Chuck Offenburger, grand-daddy of the Raccoon River Trail, who talked about the success of the trail and the new North Loop that will be done in early 2013.

Two Iowa-Nebraska tickets were auctioned off with a bidding war between Scott Olsen of the Flat Tire Lounge and Pat Humphrey of Waukee. Pat eventually got the winning bid at $325 for the pair.

Up Next, a 2012 New Belgium Cruiser, donated by New Belgium (Thanks Cheeze!). About 80 raffle tickets were sold and you had to be present to win the ubber-cool cruiser.

The bucket of tickets were stirred up and the winning ticket "#830" was chosen... Doug B. of Ankeny looked at his ticket twice and had his wife Mary confirm they he was the winner! He brought the ticket up to the stage and left with a new cruiser between his legs! I think we all heard him laughing like a little school girl as he peddled out the door for a few laps around the parking lot.


Thanks to EVERYONE who donated to the ride today. We raised enough money to pave two trail crossing!!! Pat yourself on the back!!

Thanks to Andy and Amy Walsh for making this ride happen, their hospitality, and for making their bike-friendly business even more bike-friendly!!

Thanks to the friendly staff at Mickey's Irish Pub.

Thanks to New Belgium for donating the 2012 Fat Tire Cruiser.

Thanks to the anonymous donors who gave two tickets to the Iowa-Nebraska game in November.

Thanks to everyone who bought the new BIKEIOWA Trails t-shirts.

Thanks to The Longest Yard in Dallas Center for letting us re-fuel.

Thanks to Ira Grace and the Bible Belt Prophets for playing some great tunes.

Thanks to the Dallas Country Conservation and the Raccoon River Association for maintaining and expanding the trail and continuing to make it an Iowa Destination.


You can read Chuck Offenburger's great recap with some cool photos HERE.

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