• Fri June 01 2012
  • Posted Jun 1, 2012
Are you are seeing the new site for the first time?

There is a tons of new functionality, and we break up the content into portals, trails and cities in order to make it easier to find data.

There is still LOTS to tweak and LOTS more data to be added.

Read my Blog post about what functionality was add, what we are still working on, and what was lost.

Like it? Cool!
Not Like it? Oh Well.

We'll be adding new pages and switching things up as we get feedback from YOU!

LOTS more to come, but for now, we are gonna get some sleep and enjoy some of the weekend.

Ride Safe!

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Loving it so far! Love that users can now post news/features and people can comment!

#1 - solsen300 posted Jun 4, 2012

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