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Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. With Sioux
Center, the starting point of the 40th RAGBRAI, actually being 12 miles
away from the nearest tributary of the Missouri River, what are riders
to do about the traditional
dip-the-tire-in-the-water-before-traipsing-across-Iowa thing?

Ardith Lein, one of Sioux Center’s RAGBRAI co-chairs, said three
previous turns as the event’s launching pad have taught city officials
that bicyclists/vagabonds are nothing if not flexible.

“We take our fire tanker truck out to the river and pump it across
the street at the start,” Lein said. “It’s worked fine, but if the
diehards want to ride out to the river that’s fine, too.”

Open Space Park, the primary gathering spot for this year’s RAGBRAI,
is located in the immediate vicinity of the Sioux County Fairgrounds, a
local heritage village and Dordt College.

Go to for more information.

See a map with photos of 40 years of RAGBRAI


Orange City: A history lesson beckons in the first
leg of the RAGBRAI route: Orange City was named after William I, the
Prince of Orange, who led the Dutch revolt against the Spanish that
finally led to independence for the Netherlands in the mid-17th century.
The city’s 76-foot tall windmill — when measured from the ground to the
highest-reaching vane — is a modern reminder of that Dutch heritage, as
is the tulip festival held every May. A mini-tulip festival is
scheduled for the RAGBRAI stop at the town square, featuring almond
patties and Dutch letters from the Dutch Bakery, Woudstra brats,
sausage-filled pastries called “sauchijze” and the breakfast from heaven
known as Dutch puppies: waffles dipped in chocolate and served on a

Alton: Golf enthusiasts may want to work in a tee
time at Sioux Golf and Country Club, the oldest continuously operated
golf course in Iowa. Course founder W.S. Slagle was first introduced to
golf in 1888 during a trip to the East Coast and proceeded to convert a
pasture into an Alton fixture that was named Iowa’s 9-hole course of the
year in 1993. E-mail or call (712) 756-4513 for
more information.


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