• Wed November 18 2009
  • Posted Nov 18, 2009
Des Moines, IA by brianne sanchez 11/18/09 Why you should know her: Burgess rides as part of the Punk Rock Cycling team, which on Sunday is hosting Cranksgiving, a grocery scavenger hunt ride to benefit the Des Moines Area Religious Council food pantry. She's also an accountant for Deloitte. I'm mildly obsessed with: Being active. There always seems to be some new challenge I'm getting myself into, like doing triathlons (even though I don't know how to swim) kick-boxing, or CrossFit. The last book I passed to a friend was: "The Perfect Distance: Training for Long-Course Triathlon," by Tom Rodgers. This is the first year I did half Ironman races and that book helped me mentally prepare for them. I can't stand: When people tell me I can't do something. I also really hate it when people bite their forks. I ride: Four bikes. It all depends on what the purpose is. My favorite is probably going to be my new one, a Specialized SL2. It's all carbon. I've never raced an all-carbon bike. It'll be a lot more competitive. When road racing, you have to be: So aware. You ride so closely in packs. You have to be steady on your bike and watch out for others, too. I have a lot of fun when I'm out at: Star Bar or Centro. I live out in Waukee, so I like to go downtown. When I was little, I wanted to be : A vet. I loved animals, but I had such a hard time when they were hurt. When I was in sixth grade, I told my mom I wanted to be a CPA like our bank president in our small town, because I thought he made a lot of money. My friends think I'm: Crazy. With cyclocross right now they're like "You're absolutely nuts to go out there and race down hills." I've already had a black eye and a bump on my head, but I love it. * photo linked from JUICE

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