• Wed October 21 2009
  • Posted Oct 21, 2009
Johnson County Twenty miles outside Iowa City, Sutliff Bridge has become a popular stop for bicyclists. Randy Howell, owner of Sutliff Bar & Grill, 5546 130th St. N.E. in Lisbon, said his business gets a fair amount of bicyclists from the Iowa City area, Solon, West Branch and Mount Vernon. The Sutliff Bridge is always a favorite rest stop on many rides including the popular Stiff Ride. We believe option 1 is the best option to encourage cycling while maintaining the same historic look and appearance of the original bridge. Please vote for Option 1. Thanks. About the Survey The Johnson County Board of Supervisors is currently considering three options with regard to the Sutliff Bridge. You are invited to participate in a survey regarding this project. Please answer the following questions and provide any additional information that you think will assist the Board in its deliberations. Options Option 1 - Replacement "in kind" ($2,028,135) Option 2 - Cable Stay span ($1,833,865) Option 3 - Demolition and Funding of Alternate Projects ($ 200,000 and leaves $1,212,858 FEMA Funds for other Johnson County projects There are pdf documents on providing much more information on each option here. VOTE HERE

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