• Fri September 04 2009
  • Posted Sep 3, 2009
DES MOINES, Iowa September 4, 2009 12:55 am Truck Matching Description Is Impounded KCCI-TV has learned there may be a break in the case of finding the truck involved in the hit-and-run death of a bicyclist last weekend. Thursday night, a Winterset resident called KCCI to say sheriff's deputies were looking at a white pick-up truck in her neighborhood. "As the evening progressed, there seemed to be more cars," said Winterset resident Tammy Little. "They had the doors open on the truck and were looking it over. Then crime scene tape went up and then they were hauling the truck away about three hours later." News Channel 8 went to a towing company in Warren County and found a white pick-up truck inside the company's garage with crime scene tape around it. The truck had a roll bar with floodlights on top of the roof and seemed to generally match the description Warren County deputies put out earlier on Thursday. Some lettering on the truck appeared to match the font style of a piece of a sign that was left at the scene of the fatal collision. The bicyclist, Mark Grgurich of Des Moines, was killed when he was hit from behind at high speed. The driver of the white pick-up truck that hit him fled the scene, and has been the object of an intensive hunt ever since. Warren County sheriff's deputies released a photo of the sign fragment that was left at the scene. They think the sign was attached to the truck. It used a distinctive font style, called Kurt Russell. On Thursday, deputies released a still frame picture from some surveillance camera video near the scene. Authorities said the truck was "of interest" in the Grgurich case. That pick-up has a rollbar with flood lights above the roof, like the vehicle impounded Thursday night in Winterset. As of late Thursday night, no one was in custody and KCCI could not confirm anything other than that a truck matching the description has been impounded. previous news

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