• Thu June 19 2008
  • Posted Jun 19, 2008
[Just another day in the life of the webmaster...] I had great intentions today to drop off the extra Bike to Work socks to the participating Bike shops after work today so they could hand them out to BTWW participants who didn't get a chance to pick up their socks in May. So last night, being gas conscious, I loaded up the motorcycle saddlebags with at least 100 pair of socks with the idea of getting to enjoy a motorcycle ride after work while running to each bike shops to drop off extra pairs of BTWW socks. Are ya'll with me so far? Fast forward to this morning... I had a dentist appt downtown Des Moines. On my way in from Ankeny, I took the back way downtown through Morningstar, 16th street, to Euclid and then down 6th ave to downtown Des Moines. So I get downtown and someone honks at me and starts yelling. I think to myself... "Hey, why is this guy yelling at me? I am used to it on my bicycle, but I'm on a motorcycle", so I look over and he is telling me that one of my saddle bags is open. I thank him, and pull over for an inspection. I look down and you guessed it... The saddlebag in empty. The latch on the saddlebag was busted. 60 pair of socks gone. I had 15 minutes before my dentist appt, so I decided it was worth it to back track to see if I can locate my lost load. I cruised all the way back to my house with no sock sightings... someone must have picked up the stash. Thinking back, I do remember someone else honking at me right when I turned onto Euclid from 16th street, so I bet I lost them before I hit Euclid (Sterling - that is your street... you see 'em?!?). They are in clear packages with 6 pairs of red socks in each package. If anyone know anything about the whereabouts of these socks, just email me and I'll come pick them up. Your reward - Free socks! If we never see them again, I hope they who found them will put 60 pair of nice red socks to good use! :) Enough said. Enjoy...

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