• Tue May 13 2008
  • Posted May 13, 2008
Ahh... riding your bicycle to work. Enjoying the new sights? new sounds? it's all good!
  • What do you see on the way to work?
  • Got your bike all decked out "commuter-style"?
  • Seeing big groups of commuters?
  • Noticing that the bike racks are quite full these days?
  • wildlife on the trail?
We want to see photos this year! lots of 'em! Bike Lanes, routes and other facilities are a Hot topic these days in Iowa. Let's show them that we are indeed using our bicycles as valid forms of transportation! This was photo was sent in today of the Wells Fargo Financial bicycle parking in downtown Des Moines on Monday, may 13th. the first day of Bike to Work Week! So...What does YOUR commute look like? Send your photos to Thursday is the last day to register for Bike to Work Week. I know YOU are registered, but how about talking to more of your coworkers and friends and getting them to participate? Enjoy Bike to Work Week! It's Addictive!

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