• Thu September 06 2007
  • Posted Sep 6, 2007
KANSAS CITY, MO - When 120 of the world's greatest bicyclists spin their way through Missouri Sept. 11-16 for the first Tour of Missouri bicycle race, the Missouri Department of Transportation will be working behind the scenes to make sure the way is safe for cyclists, motorists and spectators. MoDOT has worked with event organizers to map the race routes and minimize the impact on the traveling public. The agency will put up signs at key locations to alert drivers of road closings, and drive ahead of the cyclists on race days to make sure no problems lie ahead. "Our focus during the race is the safety of all those involved - the cyclists, motorists and those watching the race," said MoDOT director Pete Rahn. Most of the affected roads will be closed a few minutes ahead of the racers and will be opened back up as soon as they pass through, keeping road closings to about 20-30 minutes. Jackson, Clay and Platte County residents take note: The race may delay your travels during the event's first stage on Tuesday, Sept. 11. The event begins at 1 p.m. on the Country Club Plaza, proceeds north through downtown Kansas City and crosses the Missouri River on the Heart of America Bridge (Route 9). The course continues north through Parkville on Route 9 and Route FF. After turning north on Union Chapel Road, racers will continue north on Route 45 before heading east on Route 92 to Platte City. In Platte City, racers will proceed south on Route N, turn east on Route 152 for a short distance, and then turn south on Route K to return through Parkville and reconnect with southbound Route 9. The event will return to downtown Kansas City via the Heart of America Bridge and finish on the Country Club Plaza between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. More information about the race, including maps of the race routes, can be found on MoDOT's Web site,, and at

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