• Thu October 12 2006
  • Posted Oct 12, 2006
Report Calls Colorado Investigation Careless DES MOINES, Iowa -- More than a year after the death of Des Moines bicycle racer Dr. Bob Breedlove, his family says the investigation was botched. Breedlove died when a truck struck his bike during a race in the Colorado mountains in June 2005. Last summer, widow, Gretchen Breedlove, visited the Colorado road where her husband died during a bike race in the mountains. "When I drove that road, I knew exactly what happened," she said. She said that's when she realized Colorado troopers botched the accident report. Outside Magazine did its own investigation, and it reveals the Breedlove family hired their own experts to find out what really happened. Colorado troopers were not impressed. Gretchen Breedlove said she now believes the 15-year-old unlicensed driver actually lost control of his pickup, skidded and hit her husband. Troopers said Breedlove lost control and swerved into the truck. Gretchen Breedlove said there are too many skid marks on that road, proving it's a dangerous spot. She said there's another scenario of the accident, it couldn't be that her husband was at fault. The Outside magazine article said the Colorado investigation was careless and that troopers have never been fond out out-of-town bicyclists. Breedlove's widow knows she may never change the official outcome of her husband's fatal crash, she said she'll never give up hope.

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